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October 3, 2006 - Spice Up Advertisements to Boost Enrollment in Your Trainings

Ever wish you could fill up your classes in less time, with less effort? Do you know what you want to say, but the words just don't flow?

Writing good ad copy is not easy. It's an art which takes time and practice to learn. However, it's critical that you or someone in your office write the ads for your open-enrollment training in such a way that the classes appeal to your target audience.

This Training Officer Tip shows you some simple ways to spice up your ad copy.

Be Bold
Describe your courses in a larger-than-life way. Show excitement and enthusiasm in your words. Don't make the class sound boring by only sending the official course description to lure your employees to sign up. You need to use words that get to the heart of their problems and demonstrate how your training will solve those problems. Also, use words that are emotive and evocative.

Ask Questions
Questions get people thinking. They also make your come-on more personal. People want advertisements that "speak to them", so be direct and ask questions that strike a chord with your employees.

If you're advertising a Communication Skills program, ask things like:

  • Ever feel like your boss doesn't listen to you?
  • Have misunderstandings and miscommunications created a wall between you and your colleagues?
  • Do you get so nervous when speaking in front of others in meetings that you remain silent when you know your colleagues are making the wrong decision?

    Questions grab the reader and make them nod their heads "yes". When you get them nodding silently to themselves while reading your ads, they'll be more likely to say "yes" to enrolling in the class.

    Use Testimonials
    Your vendors should have quotes and testimonials from previous sessions of the classes you advertise. Take the best ones and insert them prominently in your ads. People want to know that others like the class and the instructor before signing up. Few people want to take a chance on training.

    Suggest Immediate Action
    Near the beginning and at the end of your ad, entice your readers to take action and sign up. Emphasize the timeliness, urgency and limited availability of spots in the program. Get them to "act now". People respond to offerings that have an air of exclusivity to them, so you want to fashion statements that will make people want to be a part of the training. Make them think they'll be "missing out" if they do not attend. You'll get probably 25% of your enrollees by this tactic.

    If you use your own creativity combined with these easily-employable tools, you should see your open-enrollment classes filled faster and your cancellations reduced. We also suggest that you work closely with your vendors when writing your ads so they can help you make the programs as attractive as possible. When you cooperate with them, everyone wins.

    Benchmark Training will review your ads for free and make suggestions on ways to improve your ad copy at no charge - even if it's an advertisement for a class another vendor is teaching for you. Just send and email to jgorman@benchmark-training.com for a free Advertisement Review. We'd be happy to help!

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