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Key Differentiators

There are several things that Benchmark Training does which makes us stand out from the crowd of training companies available to you.

1) Benchmark Training has a vast network of subject matter experts called "The BIN" (Benchmark Instructor Network), available to our clients. Even if the course or topic is not listed in our catalog or web site, we can find a resource in The BIN who can provide your training or coaching needs quickly and cost-effectively. If you're having trouble finding a course to fit your needs or budget, don't hesitate to ask - we can help.

2) Benchmark works with its clients to assess their needs in advance of making any purchasing decisions. We help clients align their organizational goals with individual training needs to ensure that every dollar spent is utilized wisely for the good of the organization. If you don't need it, we won't sell it.

3) Benchmark can integrate training and coaching to extend the effectiveness of training sessions beyond the initial engagement, thus solidifying the knowledge and skills we transfer into a long-term learning experience. We prefer that you get lasting results rather than one-time motivational events.

4) Benchmark Training can measure results. We can work with your organization to establish performance benchmarks and goals for the employees whom you send to our training programs. Then, we can show you how to measure their improvement going forward.

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