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Designed for both upper and mid-level managers, Benchmark's "Assistant Coach" program combines one-on-one interviews and phone coaching to improve the management, communication and life skills of the executive. The Assistant Coach is designed for executives who either seek to improve their skills or who are not living up to the expectations of upper management and require a third party to help them develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges of their position. In both cases, the coach meets with the executive's supervisors to lay out a plan and set goals to achieve during the engagement. When the stated goals are met, the coach leaves the executive and his or her supervisor with an action plan for future development.

The Assistant Coach program begins with an interview and assessment of the executive, followed by telephone consultations and e-mail communications. At the end of the engagement, the coach meets with the executive and his or her supervisor to review the key elements of the program, where the executive has shown improvement and will need to continue to improve, and what actions need to be taken to further the process once the coach has ended the relationship. A written action plan will then be prepared for the executive.

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