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Best Negotiating Practices®: Creating and Capturing Value as You Negotiate (Benchmark Select™)

This workshop identifies and develops the negotiating and bargaining skills necessary for today’s global, dynamic business environment. Business professionals, government executives, and attorneys must be able to effectively negotiate agreement when budgets, performance standards, priorities, relationships and due dates are at stake in order to meet and exceed established organizational goals. Attendees will thoroughly explore and learn "real world" negotiation techniques critical to today’s decision making process and improved performance.

We provide a safe setting for you to learn from shared experiences of your colleagues, practice your skills in increasingly demanding negotiations, and produce repeatable predictable results in your negotiations. Key modules are bargaining, preparation, and information exchange and validation, with a focus on the most critical Best Negotiating Practices®. Use this workshop to overcome your negotiating challenges and enhance your performance. This is truly the most comprehensive and effective negotiating program on the market today.

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to collaborative negotiations and a framework for negotiating
  • Shifting paradigms: from advocates arguing positions to negotiators offering solutions that address interests
  • Exploration of bargaining and related critical Best Negotiating Practices
  • Probing to get information from opposing counsel and your client that will guide your negotiating strategy
  • Planning a negotiation strategy from opening position to closure
  • Managing concessions that turn resistance into possibilities
  • Ethics in attorneys’ negotiations

How You Will Benefit:

  • By becoming versed in the framework and nuances of negotiating
  • By mastering the Negotiating Envelope
  • By addressing interests that underlie positions
  • By learning how to converse in a productive language of give and take
  • By defending against the other side’s negotiating tactics
  • By gaining credibility, trust, competency, and likeability during each negotiation

Who Should Attend: Line and supervising attorneys in civil and criminal litigation, transactional and corporate (securities, energy, health, et al), contracting and acquisition, military, policy, regulation and legislation should consider this course.

Competencies Addressed: Influencing/Negotiating, Flexibility, Strategic Thinking, Integrity/Honesty, Oral Communication, Problem Solving

Program Length: One Day


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