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Accounting Comes Alive™: Financial Literacy and Business Acumen (Benchmark Select™)

Accounting Comes Alive is a breakthrough learning method that sharpens accounting and financial literacy – fast. For the first time, anyone can really understand financial reports. The system is so effective and simple that it is used at the world’s top banks, investment houses, government agencies, businesses and universities (including Harvard Business School).

This class is different than any you may have experienced before. It treats accounting as a language instead of a technical, expert topic. Whereas traditional courses rely on a teacher who does a lot of talking, uses jargon, and makes you take notes and memorize definitions and equations, this program keeps participants fully engaged, using common sense, life experience, and natural logic for easy comprehension of what previously were foreign concepts. You use all of your senses to achieve real, unforgettable understanding. People are astounded by what they achieve. You will use unique diagrams, color, physical props and other devices. Suddenly it will all make complete sense! You will really “get it”. The system is not a game; rather, it is an exact instructional methodology and caters to everyone’s unique learning style.

What You Will Learn:

  • The fundamentals of all financial reporting
  • Fund accounting and fund reporting (balance sheets, revenues & expenditures)
  • How to read government-wide financial statements (net assets and activities)
  • Prepare journal entries, post to the general ledger and prepare trial balances
  • GAAP and the GASB34 model
  • The governmental budget process (for government agencies only)
  • Budgetary and proprietary accounting
  • The Standard General Ledger
  • How to make better decisions and give you more management options

How You Will Benefit:

  • By confidently see the big picture of financial reporting
  • By ‘Working things out’ by using your understanding of the complete accounting framework
  • By analyzing financial information and knowing how one change impacts other areas
  • By communicating more clearly about financial issues to your colleagues
  • By asking the right questions during budget meetings
  • By knowing how to monitor operating results and manage budgets better

Who Should Attend: It is suitable for complete beginners as well as those needing a refresher. Employees working with budgets or needing to understand financial reports should enroll. Managers, lawyers, consultants, and professionals will gain insight from this workshop.

Competencies Addressed: Financial Management, Technical Credibility, Problem Solving

Program Length: Half Day or One Day

Available Variations of This Program: 1) Accounting Comes Alive™ for Government 2) Accounting Comes Alive™ for Attorneys


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