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TEAM Simulation
(Benchmark Select™)

TEAM is a team building workshop for employees of all types who wish to experience group dynamics and interpersonal communication in a simulated work setting where performance, interaction, and leadership are monitored and analyzed. In TEAM, participants experience their interdependence with other individuals and departments in business. The program accelerates the pace at which members of a group become a team. TEAM elicits organic leadership and behavioral team-based traits.

In this fast-paced workshop, teams run their own Box Manufacturing Business, wherein they physically produce boxes that are sold into the marketplace at the end of each production period. With each round, the teams are presented with new business challenges, and as a result, they need to communicate, listen well and agree as a team – how they will proceed.

The TEAM Simulation also demonstrates how individuals and the team perform under stress. Team members need to listen, communicate ideas and organize themselves quickly to beat the competition. Teams debrief and analyze team performance throughout the simulation.

What You Will Learn:

  • A team-based approach to solving problems and decision making
  • A fun, pressure-cooker introduction to managing a business line and working with peers
  • How to make improvements in one’s leadership style
  • How to adapt to changing business and workplace conditions by improving one’s ability to read others and new realities
  • Terminology, techniques, and issues to improve business acumen
  • Insight into the power, or weakness, of collective decision making

How You Will Benefit:

  • By encouraging cooperation among participants
  • By learning through a simulated experience about team dynamics and leadership
  • By getting to know how fellow participants/colleagues behave under pressure
  • By sharing information, innovation and techniques with peers
  • By understanding how each individual can impact value drivers and efficiency
  • By making better, faster decisions in a team setting

Who Should Attend: Organizations who seek to improve team performance, enhance group dynamics, and see their leaders rise to the top in a simulated work environment should consider this program. Employees and managers who wish to improve business acumen should take advantage of this program.

Competencies Addressed: Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Decisiveness, Accountability, Financial Management

Program Length: One Day


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