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Supporting Change

We’ve heard this many times before, and it’s true -- the only constant left in the world of work today is change. The speed of research and development, information sharing and knowledge management requires that organizations keep in constant motion, changing processes and people almost incessantly.

Rather than focus on “managing” change, this workshop shows participants how to harness the energy and excitement of the new to accelerate achievement and results. Managers who support their staff through the chaos of continual change with open and honest communication will achieve improved team performance and business results.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to understand change as an opportunity for leadership
  • The phases of the change process
  • How to create a change management plan that allows staff time for input and adaptation
  • How to communicate to support the change process
  • Follow up techniques to use to track achievement of plan goals and tasks

How You Will Benefit:

  • By seeing change as a catalyst for performance
  • By utilizing change and uncertainly to leverage growth and achieve goals
  • By planning the change process to maximize employee involvement and support
  • By knowing that complete and full communication essential for mastering change

Who Should Attend: Anyone who directly or indirectly manages others. This program can be of special benefit to those who provide direction and leadership for a team but who do not have direct management authority.

Competencies Addressed: Flexibility, Accountability, Vision, Strategic Thinking

Program Length: One or Two Days


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