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Planning for Life after Retirement

Many organizations offer pre-retirement seminars for seasoned employees – usually when it’s too late for effective planning and almost always focusing exclusively on financial aspects of retirement. Benchmark Training has set out to improve upon and complement pre-retirement seminars by helping those who are about to make what is arguably their biggest career move transition seamlessly into a new lifestyle filled with possibilities and opportunities.

It has been said that if you’re green, you’re growing and if you’re ripe, you’re dying. Planning for Life after Retirement will give you the tools you need to grow and thrive as you move toward retirement. Retirement is not only an ending of a career; it’s a beginning of a new stage of life that should be carefully considered and planned. It’s also the beginning of a slew of “maybes”. Maybe you want to continue working, but in a different capacity. Maybe you want to start a small business or a non-profit. Maybe you want to volunteer. Maybe you want to dive head-first into your favorite hobby. Maybe you want to travel the world. Maybe you want to mentor youth. Maybe you want to do as little as possible. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

No matter what your maybes are, this practical, dynamic program will help you identify your goals, objectives and next steps toward your new lifestyle. You will walk away from this training energized, enthusiastic, and excited about the future.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify your professional and personal goals, aspirations and options post-retirement

  • How to stay “green” by continually upgrading your skills and expanding your interests

  • How to use retirement as an opportunity to turn your maybes and dreams into reality

  • How to plan and strategize for the non-financial aspects of retirement

  • How to embrace a post-retirement lifestyle, not centered around your career

  • How to manage your passions, interests, and time when your days are no longer structured

How You Will Benefit:

  • By creating a retirement plan that will keep you busy and channel your energy toward the endeavors that make you happy
  • By learning how to network outside of work to make connections that support your goals
  • By learning how to improve your personal relationships during a time of major transition
  • By sharing your objectives and obtaining feedback and support from your peers
  • By learning how to channel your excitement (and anxiety) about retirement in a healthy and advantageous ways

Who Should Attend: Those who are near retirement and want to get the most out of the transition. If you arenít sure what your next move will be, this is the course for you.

Competencies Addressed: Continual Learning, Resilience, Flexibility, Entrepreneurship

Program Length: One or Two Days


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