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Get New Customers, Keep the Customers You Have, Get Enthusiastic Referrals and Everyone Singing Your Praises - NEW!

Are you meeting and exceeding customer expectations and outshining the competition? To go from good to "WOW" you must constantly evaluate your operation and get a periodic customer service "tune-up". Benchmark Training will review your customer service operation. We will then provide you with an assessment and give you specific action steps with easy to understand solutions you can use . immediately!

Our professional instructors have seen numerous operations and a variety of different customer service models. We will provide you with real life tools, techniques and strategies you can use immediately.

Our makeovers provide maximum results in a minimum amount time at a fraction of the costs of other training programs. In fact, within only one week you can get the answers you'll need to transform your customer service operation.

If you want to be #1 in customer satisfaction this assessment will transform your company to a more positive, productive and profitable organization.

4 Easy Steps:

1. We start by interviewing key people in your organization, talking with specific customers, reviewing materials, interactions, guidelines and every aspect relevant to the customer service part of your operation.

2. Once all this information is collected we will provide you with an in-depth easy to understand, practical, step by step report. This will include recommendations and actions you can take now and in the immediate future to improve your customer service operation and your bottom line.

3. We will meet with you and key staff to debrief you on our observations, solutions and how-to make your customer service operation work for you.

4. Professional Development Workshop for your associates focusing on "Building a WOW customer experience".

If you just implement one of our recommendations, your investment will more than pay for itself. If you want to get new customers, keep customers coming back, get enthusiastic referrals and build positive word of mouth call 703-360-5161 to learn more.

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