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Diversity and EEO
Race and Gender: Reducing Conflict in the Workplace

Race and gender are the two bases upon which most EEO complaints are filed in the federal government and which cost considerable sums of money in settlement payments. Most of these complaints can be traced to the inappropriate way in which employees, managers, and supervisors communicate with each other in the workplace. This workshop will include a variety of exercises to increase awareness and skills in de-escalating conflict arising out of racial and gender issues in the workplace. For example, through an empathic listening exercise, course participants will learn to truthfully listen to what is being said and what is not being said by carefully attending to verbal as well as non-verbal signals. Participants will also learn how to negotiate gender differences in communication styles and rituals. Emphasis is given to intensive interactive participation.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to have an understanding dialogue on race in the workplace
  • How to engage in empathic listening with both the head and the heart
  • How to become familiar with and be able to appreciate the different communication styles and rituals that men and women use
  • How to de-escalate conflict based on race and gender by the use of appropriate communication strategies
  • How to increase awareness of gender and racial stereotypes in reducing conflict in the workplace

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By understanding how workplace conflict may be a result of differences in intercultural communication styles and rituals
  • By enhancing your ability to communicate more effectively with the opposite sex
  • By enhancing your listening skills to de-escalate conflict arising out of race and gender issues in the workplace
  • By increasing your ability to interact appropriately when gender and race stereotypes surface in the workplace
  • By increasing your skills in reading verbal and non-verbal signals when communicating with the opposite sex or with someone of a different race or color

    Who Should Attend:
    This practical, perspective and behavior-changing workshop is suitable for employees of all levels, particularly those who are seeking new strategies for reducing conflict and averting it before it begins. If you want to improve your ability to recognize communication patterns unique to individuals of different genders and races, this is the class for you.

    Program Length: One of Two Days

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