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Techniques for Managing the Generational Mix

Isn't managing employees difficult enough without needing to be mindful of when people were born, how they were raised, how they were educated, and what cultural influences impacted their current behaviors, work styles, values and beliefs? Wouldn't you like to have a better handle on the strategies to employ when working with those who are not "of your generation"?

Benchmark Training's program, "Techniques for Managing the Generational Mix" will set the foundation for a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the five generational groups currently represented in the workplace and how managers can use a working knowledge of their differences to be more effective at getting the mission of the organization accomplished. Even non-managers will benefit through greater awareness and understanding of what makes their peers and their managers "tick".

What You Will Learn:
  • The key characteristics of the five generations (Silents, Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Yers) and how they differ
  • The do's and don'ts of working with each group, including legal implications such as age discrimination
  • The realities and challenges of each group; which critical events influenced who they are and how they behave
  • How each is alike and different (group exercise)
  • Assumptions that each group makes about the others
  • How to value what each generation and the individuals who comprise them brings to the workplace (group exercise)
  • How to enhance/improve communications and working relationships across the generations (interactive pair and triad exercises based upon real-life situations/case studies)
  • How to leverage generational diversity to improve the organization's products, processes, and working relationships (group exercise)

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By creating awareness of a real phenomenon that will improve one's ability to get along with peers and subordinates
  • By learning strategies for getting the best performance out of the diverse landscape of employees from the various generations
  • By better understanding and appreciating the assets that each group brings to the workplace
  • By learning techniques to navigate the education/experience conundrum
  • By improving your cross-generational communication skills

    Who Should Attend:
    Managers and non-managers alike will find value in this program. If you work in an organization in which the young, old, and everything in between work side-by-side on projects or in teams, this session is indispensable.

    Program Length: One or Two Days or as a Half Day Overview Session

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