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Persuasive Legal Writing and Reasoning

If you require a fast-moving, thought-provoking writing program for attorneys, paralegal staff and legal resource analysts, this is it. From the outset participants are engaged with easy-to-apply writing techniques designed to strengthen the clarity and persuasiveness of briefs, memoranda, correspondence, regulations and other writing. Attorneys who complete this program earn CLE credits, and the program can be customized to meet a federal agency's specific objectives or to address any legal specialization.

The writing method presented in this workshop was developed from fifteen years of working with the most successful and demanding professional firms, federal agencies, Fortune 500 Corporations and bar associations. The result is a thoroughly researched and proven writing program that will empower busy law professionals to more effectively meet their communication challenges.

What You Will Learn:
The program emphasizes learning by doing with stimulating individual and group exercises that assure command of five essential steps. The steps form a valuable, repeatable writing process that saves time and effort from initial analysis to final editing.

  • How to define a document's purpose and identify the bottom-line issues
  • How to organize and analyze key facts
  • How to create a coherent draft quickly
  • How to format a document for maximum clarity and impact
  • How to edit a document for relevance, coherence, and accuracy

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By defining - before your draft - the questions that your document should answer
  • By learning a reliable process for thinking through problems, defining key issues, developing a working theory, and applying your theory to your research and writing
  • By learning how to group, sequence, and connect ideas for clear, convincing legal writing
  • By using a visual writing model to get a fast start and complete projects on time
  • By becoming adept at using a variety of layouts, side headings, point headings, transitional summaries, and verbal signposts to keep readers interested and on track
  • By creating reader-friendly, error free documents in less time

    Who Should Attend:
    Attorneys, paralegal staff, and legal resource analysts (LRAs) wishing to accelerate their writing and improve its effectiveness.

    Program Length: Two Days

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