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Facilitating Groups: The Active Facilitation Approach

The move toward more frequent use of groups and teams to accomplish goals has increased demand for skilled facilitators who can help such groups achieve optimal productivity. One method that has emerged and is utilized in this training is the Active Facilitation Approach. As the name implies, this method requires the facilitator to become engaged in the group's processes. However, rather than become involved in the content of the group's work, this method places the facilitator in a leadership role that has significant impact on the group's effectiveness.

Although designed for novice facilitators and those who have not yet facilitated a group, the information presented in this program can be helpful to experienced facilitators, whether or not they've ever applied the active facilitation approach. This session is useful for a wide range of group process settings, including business meetings, team meetings, retreats, work sessions, or other group meetings in which the goal is to make decisions and take action. Facilitating Groups helps you build and/or strengthen your facilitation skills with techniques that are widely accepted by the professional facilitation field and proven to help ensure a successful group process.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to design and prepare for work sessions
  • How to open a work session
  • How to lead a group discussion
  • How to establish and work with smaller groups within a large group
  • How to use flip charts effectively
  • How to help groups reach consensus
  • How to resolve conflict during facilitations
  • How to evaluate work sessions

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By becoming more competent at leading groups toward consensus and important decisions
  • By becoming a more confident facilitator of group work sessions
  • By seeing better results from collaboration
  • By having trained, unbiased professionals available within your organization to create a structure for your facilitated sessions
  • By providing the push needed to get work out the door quicker and more effectively
  • By providing your organization with a way to evaluate your group work sessions

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone charged with leading or facilitating groups, retreats, teams, or meetings should consider enrolling in this valuable program.

    Program Length: One or Two Days

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