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Communication and Presentation Skills
Clear Communication Skills for Managers and Supervisors

In today's business environment, most work is accomplished by and through people. And yet, work is often hampered by ineffective or misleading information. Many managers don't even realize that their message to subordinates which they believe to be crystal clear is actually unclear, insufficient, or easily misunderstood. Good communication skills are an essential tool in the toolkit of a successful manager, and this program can help improve these skills..

This intensive workshop provides an advanced level of communications skills specifically for those who manage and direct others. Not only will participants be provided with concrete skill-building tools, but they will also learn strategies to enhance their oral and written communications.

What You Will Learn:
  • The importance of good communication in managing others
  • How to identify both the positive and negative factors affecting good communication
  • How to select the appropriate media to use in communicating your message
  • How nonverbal behavior affects the quality of your communication
  • Your preferred communication behavior when giving directions to others

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By improving the effectiveness of your communication
  • By using the appropriate media to communicate your messages
  • By learning how you naturally communicate - what works, what to improve
  • By eliminating the barriers that get in the way of your messages
  • By increasing the effectiveness of your nonverbal communication
  • By observing greater responsiveness to your message by subordinates

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone who directly or indirectly manages others can benefit from this training. This program can be of special benefit to those who provide direction and leadership to staff without direct reporting authority, such as project leaders or matrix managers.

    Program Length: Two Days

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