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Understanding Benchmarking

Benchmarking provides a comparative analysis of your organization's activities to "Best Practices" in world class organizations. If your organization's practices can be improved, benchmarking maps the trail. In some cases, your organization might well be the best. If so, benchmarking proves it.

This course is of interest to professionals focused on improving performance, particularly in the financial field. This program covers the fundamentals of benchmarking practice, including the Five W's - who, what, when, where and why, and the how-to. It is designed to tailor discussions and exercises directly to organizations operating in the most complex financial environment in existence in the world today - the internal financial operations of the U.S. government. It will train participants in the terminology, techniques, approaches and issues related to successful benchmarking projects. It will also familiarize participants with available resources to assist in successful benchmarking activities.

Professional managers in government must be familiar with benchmarking for two reasons. First, there is our fundamental mandate to improve products and services for the public, as well as to provide effective and efficient use of federal resources. Secondly, OMB A-76 will inevitably affect us all in some manner. Historically, there are two basic ways to win an "A-76." One is to cut resource usage (costs), normally meaning reducing staff while producing the same outputs. The other is to dramatically increase efficiency in producing outputs long before the A-76 is ordered. Understanding Benchmarking provides key insight into methods to transform normal business practices in the public sector into best practices.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to analyze best practices of top organizations and benchmark your operation against them
  • How to make improvements against the benchmarks you target
  • The terminology, techniques, approaches and issues related to successful benchmarking projects
  • Where to find and how to utilize resources to assist your benchmarking activities
  • How to prepare your organization for an A-76 study
  • Where to find and take advantage of greater operational and financial efficiencies

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By learning how to locate points of entry for increasing operational and financial effectiveness
  • By learning how to measure your operation against the best in the business
  • By becoming versed in the fundamentals of benchmarking, such as the Five W's
  • By knowing how to utilize tools that will help you to better serve the public interest
  • By making any impending A-76 studies easier to navigate

    Who Should Attend:
    Executives who seek to improve organizational performance and discover how to model best practices of top organizations in their space should consider enrolling. Financial managers looking to maximize their efficiencies should attend this valuable program.

    Program Length: One or Two Days

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