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Coaching for Performance

Organizations of all sizes and stripes are focusing on how the implementation of new performance systems, including complex multi-tiered systems, affect the way in which managers and their employees plan for, monitor, evaluate, and reward performance. An important component of this process involves quarterly coaching sessions between managers and employees. Currently, these coaching sessions are underutilized to a large degree - often they are not even conducted on a quarterly basis, thus marginalizing the efforts of employees and destabilizing the value of performance plans.

For the quarterly sessions to be worthwhile, both managers and employees need to know what to expect and then how to execute an effective coaching session. It takes effort and skill from both sides to manage a coaching relationship. Coaching for Performance covers how to make the best use of these sessions by teaching how to prepare for the sessions, how to give and receive feedback, how to communicate your wants and needs, how to ask better questions and listen strategically, how to praise, give guidance, and administer advice. This course is a comprehensive roadmap for any organization whose current performance planning and coaching sessions are going nowhere. It can be presented to managers only, to employees only (How to Receive Coaching), or to a mixed group.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to manage a coaching relationship
  • If you're a manager, how to find your unique coaching style
  • If you're an employee, how to manage up
  • How to improve your skills of giving and receiving feedback
  • How to manage expectations during the performance cycle and specific coaching sessions
  • How to be accountable for your performance and how to hold managers accountable for their input into the coaching relationship
  • How to give advice, guidance, praise, and bad news
  • How to coach and be coached with results in mind, rather than going through the motions
  • How to resolve conflict in a coaching relationship

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By getting a better handle on how the coaching cycle is supposed to work
  • By aligning intention, behavior and impact
  • By recognizing the difference between performance issues and attitude/conduct issues
  • By learning about what motivates people to perform
  • By knowing how to use the feedback you get in a positive, productive way
  • By overcoming fears and uncertainties regarding your coaching sessions and relationship
  • By getting a chance to practice your new coaching skills with peers

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone who is on the manager or employee side of a coaching relationship who wants to get the most out of this performance management feature should consider this program. If you aren't reaping any benefit from your current coaching sessions, this course will help change that.

    Program Length: One or Two Days

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