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Delegation: Developing Others Through Shared Work

Effective delegation is one of the most powerful tools for leading and directing the work of others. When used appropriately, delegation allows managers to strategically allocate workload while providing challenging developmental assignments for their staff. And yet, delegation is one of the most misunderstood and misused tools in the workplace today.

This workshop will show participants how to design delegation plans for their team. It covers some of the common myths and misconceptions about delegating work to others and shows how good delegation is customized to the needs and abilities of individual employees. Managers who effectively delegate, not only distribute work more effectively, but also grow the self-confidence and sense of achievement in their staff.

What You Will Learn:
  • The importance of delegating and the problems with poor delegation
  • How to create a total team delegation plan
  • How to communicate the purpose of every delegated assignment
  • How to use a multi-level delegation model
  • How to use delegation as a tool for staff development
  • How to develop a method to monitor progress and take corrective action

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By learning how to create meaningful delegation plans based on the team's needs and skills
  • By proactively using delegation as a tool for staff development and growth
  • By using delegation to motivate and reward staff achievement
  • By using various degrees of delegation to customize assignments
  • By using delegation as a powerful tool to achieve workplace goals and objectives

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone who directly or indirectly manages others should consider this course. This program can be of special benefit to those who provide direction and leadership to staff without direct reporting authority, such as project leaders or matrix managers.

    Program Length: One Day

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