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The Entrepreneurial Leader: Advanced Leadership Skills for Today's Managers and Supervisors

The management cadre of the civil service is faced with demands that lie outside the traditional scope of supervision: increasing diversity in the workforce, changing values among different generations of employees; the loss of large numbers of senior, experienced staff; changing philosophy regarding mission and scope. Many agencies are embracing a model that has parallels in the private sector, and are redefining themselves into a business model. In this evolving environment, the ability to be forward-looking and innovative is critical. This highly interactive seminar will provide practical skills and ideas that apply to your workplace.

What You Will Learn:
  • Advanced leadership skills that are relevant to the challenges of your work
  • Different perspectives on combining leadership and management
  • Communication techniques that will facilitate clarity and energize your employees
  • The importance of creating alignment and effective techniques to accomplish this
  • How to use feedback and disclosure as techniques to increase trust
  • How to use iteration as a process of continual improvement

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By assessing your leadership style in order to build on your strengths
  • By learning how to manage differences to produce creativity and high levels of alignment
  • By mastering the art of balancing product, process, and people
  • By encouraging communication that builds productivity
  • By creating strong team relationships that move all employees to higher levels of contribution
  • By encouraging collaboration, open communication, and learning as gateways to a successful planning and implementation

    Who Should Attend:
    Professionals at the management/supervisory level who welcome the chance to explore ways of bringing a successful business perspective to their role as supervisors are eligible for this program. Managers and supervisors of employees who have completed Benchmark Training's Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors are encouraged to attend.

    Program Length: One or Two Days

    Complementary or Add-On Programs:
    1) Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors
    2) Managing Employee Conduct and Performance
    3) Turning the Tables on Conflict

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