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Whatever your professional responsibilities, you will continue to face a barrage of challenges that necessitate flexibility and resilience. The skill of solving problems rapidly and creatively will set you and your organization apart from slower, less thoughtful entities. There are some simple and effective strategies that anyone can use to become a better problem solver. If you're not willing to stretch your mind and abilities to think creatively, solving the problems faced in today's business world may become too taxing for your organization to maintain its effectiveness

This two-day session consists of highly interactive learning focused on real-world problem-solving. Active learning will take place through simulations that connect content to your world of work. This program description is intended to be complemented by the needs of the individuals involved in each session. One of the elements of problem solving is that "one size fits all" does not work. Here, your training will be customized to meet the unique challenges that you face on a day to day basis.

What You Will Learn:
How to discover the ten mental blocks to creative problem-solving and learn how to overcome them in your organization's future
How to turn mistakes into opportunities to improve performance
Methods to create a safe environment for questioning assumptions and encouraging feedback
How to apply systems thinking: Seeing the connections that enable problems to solve each other
Methods for building consensus and alignment
How to clarify messaging and to reach agreement through two techniques called "Level Questioning" and "Linguistic Cuing"
How to run simulations of solution testing that ensure positive outcomes
Techniques to explore and clarify organizational values

How You Will Benefit:
By learning, growing and thriving as an organization that does not punish mistakes
By encouraging good questioning skills to solve problems
By getting your people and their support aligned when attacking a difficult problem
By increasing the accuracy of your communications
By gaining practice in realistic problem solving simulations
By understanding how organizational values will have the maximum impact on how you solve problems

Who Should Attend:
All professionals, regardless of job description or organizational role who seek better, quicker solutions to workplace problems should attend this powerful session.

Program Length: Two Days

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) Critical Thinking Skills
2) Introduction to Negotiation
3) Turning the Tables on Conflict

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