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Stress Management for Effective, Satisfied Employees

Stress can be a highly effective motivator, or it can be a silent assassin, methodically poisoning our bodies. What will motivate one person to accomplish the greatest of goals, will drive another to self destructive behavior, illness or even death. Stress is our individual response to situations and circumstances. Determining "right" or "wrong" responses provides little value; understanding why we act and react the way we do provides tremendous value by offering the opportunity to change. Common stress is based on perceptions. Perceptions are based upon how we see the world and ourselves. Awareness is essential for understanding; understanding is essential for change, and change is essential for improvement.

This course focuses on awareness and new perspectives. Students learn how we internally "manufacture" our stress and how to maximize the benefits of stress while minimizing its negative impact. Students learn to be healthier, happier and more productive. The organization benefits with higher productivity, lower absenteeism and attrition, higher morale and a more congenial atmosphere, which in turn, can attract more quality workers to the organization.

What You Will Learn:
  • The positive and negative aspects of stress, how to tell the difference, and how to retain the positive effects while reducing the negative effects
  • How stress affects you and how to assume responsibility for dealing with stress
  • How to identify the internal and external sources of stress
  • The five responses to stress and the importance of attitude in stress
  • The nature of stress and how it is based upon perception
  • The nature of self-victimization an how to avoid the self-victimization trap
  • The importance of humor in dealing with stress
  • How to reduce stress through nutrition, fitness and relaxation
  • The importance of a grateful heart, forgiveness and joy

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By knowing how to identify your sources of stress
  • By maximizing the positive aspects of stress
  • By knowing how to reduce negative stress and thereby improve your performance
  • By learning how to improve your relationships and employment situation
  • By understanding how stress affects people individually and the workplace as a whole
  • Higher productivity, lower absenteeism and attrition, higher morale and a more congenial atmosphere

    Who Should Attend:
    All employees, managers and executives who suffer from stress, whose organizations are stressful or who wish to develop a greater appreciation of stress and its effects on individuals and the workplace should consider this program.

    Program Length: One Day

    Available Variations of This Program:
    1) Stress Management for Law Enforcement

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