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Turning the Tables on Conflict

Almost no one looks forward to conflict. But unfortunately, we're faced with situations and people that arouse conflict during nearly every working day. Wouldn't it be nice to have a handful of techniques in your repertoire to turn the tables on conflict so you can focus on being a productive, effective manager, supervisor or employee? With Turning the Tables on Conflict, Benchmark Training has designed a program that will prepare you to take on "problem" people, conflict and negative work situations with a minimum of fallout. In this course, you'll learn to diffuse anger, prevent unnecessary miscommunication and conflict and improve your personal relationships with colleagues, partners and vendors. If conflict is preventing you from enjoying your work and getting the most from your day, this program is for you.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to communicate bad news and to employees, partners and vendors
  • How to prepare in advance how you're going to deal with conflict
  • How to not get sucked into conflict unwittingly
  • How to avoid an "us versus them" mentality in your team or department
  • How to get others to change their behavior with regard to conflict
  • How to recognize that other people don't always share your perspective and then to take advantage of this diversity of viewpoints to improve your team's effectiveness

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By creating a healthier, more open working atmosphere
  • By improving your relationship skills with "problem" employees
  • By improving your communication skills
  • By working toward viable alternative solutions to conflict
  • By learning why people may view you as a problem person or a lightning rod for conflict
  • By learning how to turn the tables on conflict and make the most out of seemingly hopeless situations and employees
  • By learning how to establishing rapport with people who do not think or operate like you

    Who Should Attend:
    Managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to improve workplace interaction and reduce incidences of conflict should attend this course. If you are frustrated by a lack of appreciation for other people's viewpoints, this course can improve your relationships with them.

    Program Length: Half, One or Two Days

    Complementary or Add-On Programs:
    1) Building and Managing Effective Teams
    2) People Pattern PowerSM: Enhancing Communication in the Workplace

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