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Communication and Presentation Skills
Winning Presentation Skills... Put Power, Punch and Pizzazz into Your Presentations

Whether you speak to one person or 100, getting your message across in a clear and concise manner is essential to your success. People who present well are seen as more competent, trustworthy, likeable, confident and successful. In fact, only 15% of your success in life will be due to your technical skills, while 85% is due to your presentation and communication skills. The purpose of this workshop is to help you learn how to develop and deliver high impact presentations. It covers the skills necessary for you to effectively design, develop and deliver the presentations you are asked to do in your job.

The first half-day consists of an overview for all participants of the ingredients necessary to deliver a winning presentation. The next sessions consist of dividing the participants into groups of five where each person designs and delivers a five-minute presentation. All participants are videotaped, critiqued and then given the opportunity to perform their presentation again. During the presentation, the participants focus on minimizing their weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. Each participant gets a copy of the videotape to take home.

What You Will Learn:
Characteristics of successful presenters
The 12 most common mistakes presenters make
5 steps to deal with "speakers anxiety"
The 4 different communication styles and how to use them to your advantage
3 techniques for making effective impromptu presentations
6 dynamic ways to open your presentation
15 ways to keep your audiences' attention, including how to use humor
Strategies for dealing with a disruptive audience
How to use audio-visual aids and body language effectively
7 strategies for closing your presentation

How You Will Benefit:
By learning how to organize your presentations to make them clear and concise
By using techniques to keep your audience interested and involved
By understanding how to overcome "speakers anxiety"
By seeing yourself on videotape so you can make instant changes
By learning how to adapt to meet the needs of each audience
By knowing when to and how to use various audio visual aids
By applying the proven skills necessary for a memorable presentation

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who makes presentations for internal work situations, customers, outside groups, proposal development or at meetings should attend this session

Program Length: One or Two Days

Complementary or Add-On Programs
1) Really Effective Scientific and Technical Presentations
2) Introduction to Motivation

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