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Making Meetings Work for Time-Crunched Executives

A recent survey of 38,000 workers worldwide found that workers consider ineffective meetings the primary "productivity pitfall" across every type of organization. In fact, employees spend an average of 5.6 hours per week in meetings, and 69% of that time is deemed to be ineffective. For employees who spend most of their hours in meetings, this data suggests a workplace problem of crisis proportions.

Through training -- and meeting by meeting -- this crisis can be avoided. Benchmark Training can assist you in changing the way you conduct your meetings through our Making Meetings Work program. This workshop features techniques to improve the way you run meetings and participate in them. Are your meetings sometimes dominated by one person or a faction whose ideas consume everyone else's? Do your meetings drag on too long? Do you bounce from one topic to the next without a plan for the meeting? If so, much can be learned from this program and applied to your meetings to make them more productive and enjoyable.

What You Will Learn:
  • The important components of meeting management
  • How to run an enjoyable, results-oriented meeting
  • How to use an agenda to keep the meeting on time and on track
  • How to properly prepare for a meeting
  • How to avoid getting sidetracked and interrupted by unimportant issues
  • How to ask good, relevant questions to produce results in the meeting
  • How to ensure that meetings don't get dominated by powerful personalities
  • How to help make good decisions during meetings

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By knowing when and how to move the agenda forward
  • By learning how to give and receive productive and constructive feedback
  • By having fewer meetings dominated by powerful personalities
  • By doing a better job of handling questions, suggestions and objections
  • By getting more input by participants who withhold opinions until after a meeting ends
  • By ending meetings on time and with action plans
  • By making better decisions and taking quicker actions as a result of your meetings

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone who conducts or attends meetings should enroll in this course. If you don't think meetings can be productive, you should take this training.

    Program Length: One or Two Days

    Available Variations of This Program:
    1) Conducting Productive Meetings

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