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Practical Time Management

Managing one's time effectively takes discipline. It also takes practice, hard work and an self-awareness that enables you to alter your perception of how much time you have in any given day. We all know that there's only so much time in a day - the last time we checked it was still 24 hours - but how you approach the time you have, as well as how you prioritize the various components of your job and life will determine whether you're using that time effectively.

Like many other professional skills, time management is a conscious choice one makes every day. If you make poor choices about how you use your time, or if you're undisciplined and simply conduct your days as they "play out", most of your time will get wasted on the things that bring you the least return on your time, energy and resources. In this program, you'll be taught how to make smart choices with regard to the time that you have, so that you'll understand that you can actually invest in your time to reap a better return on your time, energy and resources. Can everyone manage their time the same way, with the same results? Clearly, the answer to this question is "no". One single method does not ensure success in this area, but certain skills and techniques can be employed to make better use of your time and help you develop key disciplines to minimize wasted efforts that you cannot afford to squander.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to use work time to your benefit
  • How to plan your day, meetings and projects in advance
  • How to give yourself extra time to complete things in a manageable timeframe
  • How to be mindful of prioritizing your tasks
  • How to deal with interruptions and unanticipated changes in direction
  • How to differentiate between "urgent" and "important" tasks
  • How to be more disciplined and conscious of where you use the time you have
  • How to make better choices concerning time so that you maximize your resources

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By becoming more organized and efficient
  • By not thinking or worrying about other things that are not important or doable at the time
  • By not being thrown for a loop with unexpected changes in your daily plan arise
  • By becoming more respected as a businessperson within and outside of your organization
  • By minimizing wasted time and focusing on what's important
  • By decreasing your stress levels and increasing your confidence

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is great for anyone who always finds him or herself playing "catch-up". If you want to get more from your day and reduce stress and disorganization, this program can help.

    Program Length: Half or One Day

    Complementary or Add-On Programs:
    1) Stress for Success
    2) Conducting Productive Meetings

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