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Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors

Federal employees who aspire to become managers and supervisors in the future rarely get the leadership training necessary to prepare them for a promotion. The "Trial By Fire" management strategy of the past is not sufficient for today's sophisticated workforce. So, it is important to groom high-potential employees for positions of leadership by training them early. Identifying and training these employees is a component of good succession planning, which is becoming increasingly important as the federal workforce ages. To facilitate good succession planning, Benchmark Training has developed a course to help your future managers and supervisors with the skills that they'll be called on to utilize as they move up the ranks. By the end of this two or three day session, your talented non-supervisors will have furthered their knowledge and skills in areas that will prepare them to lead your organization into the future with confidence and professionalism.

What You Will Learn:
  • The skills, techniques and behaviors of being a good leader
  • How leaders take responsibility for their actions
  • How to lead by positive example
  • How to make faster, smarter decisions
  • How to use questioning skills to become a more effective communicator
  • How to delegate responsibility fairly and adroitly

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By making decisions from a leadership position
  • By preparing your organization for smooth managerial and supervisory successions
  • By learning how to delegate tasks, assignments and responsibilities effectively
  • By showing your future leaders how to behave like leaders
  • By helping you identify the employees who will make good supervisors and managers
  • By improving interpersonal communication skills in the manager/subordinate relationship

    Who Should Attend:
    Anyone who aspires to a position of leadership should attend this seminar. This course is ideal for those who have been identified by current management as potential managers or supervisors.

    Program Length: Two or Three Days

    Complementary or Add-On Programs:
    1) Building and Managing Effective Teams
    2) Shackleton of the Antarctic and Your Leadership Journey

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