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Successful mentoring can make or break the development of human capital in an organization - especially when succession planning is an issue. Planning for the future in a real-life, intimate way is exactly what mentoring programs are all about. Mentoring programs encourage relationships that support the learning and development of targeted employee populations. They are established to create accountability for development and accessibility to developmental relationships. Effective mentoring requires commitment and the development of a specific skill set. This skill shop provides the skills necessary to mentor effectively so as to produce rapid improvement and lasting results.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to create an effective mentor/protégé relationship
  • The roles and expectations of mentors and protégés within your mentoring program
  • The relationship of mentoring to coaching, managing, teaching, counseling, sponsoring, advising and serving as a confidante
  • How to use communication skills to motivate your protégé
  • How to evaluate skills to determine protégé strengths and potential areas for development
  • How to provide reinforcement for positive development
  • How to provide corrective feedback for poor performance
  • How to transfer knowledge and "corporate memory" to protégés to facilitate succession planning

    How You Will Benefit:
  • By having a foundational training from which to initiate your mentoring program
  • By learning effective communication techniques to enhance your learning organization
  • By helping the protégé develop job knowledge and skills
  • By creating a teaching environment for mentors that is outside of the supervisor/subordinate structure
  • By creating an environment for protégés where they can learn the "ropes" from those who have advanced in the organization
  • By building a climate of trust and rapport where protégés honestly discuss their performance
  • By facilitating succession planning in your organization

    Program Length: Half, One or Two Days
    * Call 703-313-4924 to learn about a longer-term Mentoring consultancy.

    Complementary or Add-On Programs:
    1) Coaching for Performance
    2) Managing Employee Conduct and Performance
    3) People Pattern PowerSM: Enhancing Communication in the Workplace

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