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GFP: The Basics of Government Property Management

Contractors are normally required to provide all property needed to perform on government contracts. However, under certain conditions and when authorized, contractors may acquire and use government-owned property. Contractor liability for loss or damage to government property varies depending upon the specific terms of the contract. Moreover, contractors assume certain operational and administrative responsibilities when they possess government property, covering the entire life cycle of the property from acquisition through disposal. This program covers the complex rules governing this process and reviews the Federal government's policies, procedures and regulations for managing property in the possession of contractors during the performance period of contracts.

What You Will Learn:
The basic Federal policies controlling how contractors use and manage government property provided or acquired to perform work on contracts and subcontracts
How to review the roles and responsibilities of the government, contractor, and subcontractor for managing property
All of the important definitions involved in Government Furnished Property (GFP)
To be well-versed in topics such as authority and delegations, responsibilities and liabilities
How to handle records, reports and physical inventories
How to properly care for, maintain and use government property
How to choose the disposal options; return, screen, scrap, transfer, donate, sale, destruction, abandonment, etc.

How You Will Benefit:
By having a handle on statutory and regulatory references
By knowing the rules and regulations for providing property to contractors
By knowing how to use all of your disposal options correctly

Who Should Attend:
Property clerks, COTR personnel, administrators and managers who are new to Government Property Administration or who need a refresher. Contract, subcontract, and purchasing professionals who manage contracts involving GFP. Federal government, prime contractor, subcontractor, and large and small business employees who acquire, receive, use, repair, maintain, transport, inventory or maintain records of government property, or oversee employees or subcontractors who possess government property.

Program Length: Three or Five Days

* Test/Examination of participants is optional, based on the client's discretion.

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) COTR Training
2) Contract Types

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