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Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Unfortunately, sexual harassment has always been a part of the workplace. It was not until the early 1990's that it became regarded as a serious issue in America. Laws protecting the rights of employees against sexual harassment have become more defined and less tolerant of its offenders. Many may think that the laws are simple and that the area of sexual harassment is easy to avoid, but that is not exactly the case. This course is a must for organizations who value their employees and want to avoid situations that can become embarrassing EEO claims and very costly in court.

This course is designed to help company leaders build a better sexual harassment policy. It is also designed to teach employees what sexual harassment is; how it can be avoided; and the ramifications if the rules are not followed. There is not a organization today, especially in the Federal government, that can afford to ignore this issue. Furthermore, no one with HR responsibility should ever forget that what one person may view as a harmless joke could be perceived totally differently by another person. You can never be too careful when it comes to understanding sexual harassment or enforcing a policy related to it.

What You Will Learn:
Exactly what sexual harassment is
How to master the guidelines for developing an effective policy against sexual harassment
How to create an effective reporting process
How to access information about what different courts have ruled
How to differentiate between harassment and hostile environment
How to respond correctly as employers
How to be conversant in the EEOC Enforcement Guidance with respect to sexual harassment

How You Will Benefit:
By providing a safe working environment for employees
By demonstrating to your employees that your organization is committed to preventing sexual harassment
By potentially avoiding litigation procedures
By having an educated staff in this important personnel issue
By being able to respond appropriately to offenses and/or perceived offenses

Who Should Attend:
This is not a program that excludes any type of employee. It should be attended by supervisors, managers and every other kind of employee in all Federal Agencies.

Course Length: Half or One Day

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) Becoming Aware of EEO Laws and Procedures
2) Communication Skills in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

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