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Communication Skills in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

This fascinating, contemporary workshop will improve interpersonal communication skills in a culturally diverse workplace. Through the use of video, short films, case studies, and interactive role-playing, participants will explore different kinds of communication strategies to interact more effectively with others in the work environment. They will also gain insight into different communication styles and rituals and their implications for the development of interpersonal and intercultural skills in the workplace. Emphasis is given to practical analysis of typical communication scenarios in the workplace.

What You Will Learn:
How to strengthen your understanding of the communication process in the workplace
How to become familiar with and be able to appreciate the different communication styles and rituals men and women use in the workplace
How to increase your awareness of the impact cultural differences have on verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace
How to improve your awareness of the need for more empathic listening and feedback in communicating with others in the workplace
How to identify various techniques and strategies for safe and respectful interpersonal communication as a key to better understanding in the workplace

How You Will Benefit:
By enhancing your ability to communicate with the opposite sex
By understanding how workplace conflict may be more a result of differences in communication style than in the content
By becoming a highly effective mentor and teacher
By learning how to read verbal and non-verbal communication in order to understand more accurately what is being communicated
By increasing your ability to listen more actively and with understanding
By understanding how stereotyping and prejudice negatively affect communication
By acquiring the communication competencies needed to manage a diverse workforce

Who Should Attend:
Everyone in any organization committed to diversity as a business or productivity imperative should make time for this seminar. Managers, supervisors, employees will greatly benefit from the invaluable insights into communicating effectively especially with co-workers who are culturally different from them.

Program Length: One or Two Days

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) Understanding, Recognizing and Valuing Diversity
2) Interpersonal Dynamics

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