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Diversity and EEO
Understanding, Recognizing and Valuing Diversity

This comprehensive workshop will broaden understanding of diversity and diversity-related issues in the workplace. Emphasis is given to analysis of changing demographics and their implications for meeting organizational goals and priorities in the future. More specific emphasis is given to cultivating a deeper and more profound appreciation for individual and group differences in order to facilitate optimum levels of interaction and performance in the work environment. Participants will be both exposed to and engage in numerous activities to help them recognize, value, and manage diversity in the workplace.

What You Will Learn:
The impact of today's changing demographics on the workplace and their organizations
How to identify values and behaviors held by oneself and others in the workplace
How to develop greater awareness of societal stereotyping and its impact on achieving organizational goals and outcomes
How to discuss cultural differences in the workplace
To increase your awareness of the impact cultural differences have on verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace
How to strengthen your awareness of management and employee behaviors necessary to create an inclusive workplace that allows all employees to contribute and succeed
How to identify various techniques and strategies for managing a diverse workplace

How You Will Benefit:
By developing trust for others with understanding
By being able to communicate effectively with others who are different from you
By building empathic listening skills
By changing non-productive behavior patterns
By understanding communication rituals of people different from you
By becoming a more culturally competent manager of a diverse workforce
By increasing productivity and happiness in your work and life

Who Should Attend:
Supervisors, managers, and employees at any level of government or the private sector will benefit from this course.

Program Length: One, Two or Three Days

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) Communications Skills for a Culturally Diverse Workplace
2) People Pattern PowerSM: Enhancing Communication in the Workplace
3) Interpersonal Dynamics

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