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Managing Employee Conduct and Performance

What is the best way to handle employee conduct and performance issues? Counseling. This workshop discusses the techniques to counsel effectively. But sometimes, even the most sensitive and supportive counseling doesn't work. So in addition, this program will examine in detail the array of administrative mechanisms that are available to supervisors to manage problem employees' conduct or performance in a sensitive, yet firm manner. It dispels many of the pervasive myths that abound regarding management's ability to manage, provides the history and intellectual basis for the civil service system, and gives managers a renewed sense of their proper role.

What You Will Learn:
How to really be the boss
How to counsel employees effectively
How to follow the rules and still get results
How to recognize that employees have rights, but that they also have obligations just like you
How to accept that fairness, not necessarily equity, is the key to good supervision
That the personnel office is not the enemy
How to become pro-active and effective

How You Will Benefit:
By supervising without fear
By effectively singling out your good employees
By rewarding specific employees without feeling compelled to include the whole group
By creating a happier work environment based on trust and confidence
By learning how to manage or replace the difficult person within the rules

Who Should Attend:
Managers and supervisors seeking proper training on evaluating and rewarding a worker's performance and those who value achieving fairness in the workplace should investigate this program. Anyone who desires to establish oneself as a solid authority figure without sacrificing the respect of those whom one supervises should enroll in this course.

Program Length: One, Two or Three Days

Complementary or Add-On Programs:
1) Turning the Tables on Conflict

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