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Jack Dunlap

A federal judge and lawyer turned teacher? Yes! It all has to do with a tap on the shoulder and a 2x4 - ask Jack; he will tell you. Starting in engineering, he switched to law, became a lawyer, a prosecutor, a Navy judge advocate and a judge. Now a "recovering attorney", since 1992 he has dedicated himself to teaching and career development.

As an instructor for Benchmark Training, Jack Dunlap specializes in leadership development, work/life balance, stress management, and career planning. He coaches students to understand themselves, decide on needed changes and begin the change process. He encourages leaders to identify and build upon their own fundamental beliefs and skill sets. He helps identify barriers and the means to overcome them. He exhorts students to assume responsibility for their own growth. He advocates humor and balance for peak performance at maximum efficiency. And, he urges clients to learn how to relax and maximize the positive effects of stress while minimizing its negative effects.

Mr. Dunlap is effective because he speaks from experience, not because he has made all the "right" decisions and taken all the "correct" actions, but rather because on many occasions, he has not. Leadership starts with taking responsibility - understanding and accepting one's self - giving credit where credit is due and acknowledging and working on potential problem areas.

His wide-ranging experience includes leading a worldwide legal services program with more than 700 attorneys resulting in drastically improved quality while tripling service to over 600,000 cases per year; teaching leaders to live balanced lives; and coaching individuals to perform at maximum effectiveness. He is a director of the Falls Church JOBS! Ministry, and a founder of the Career Foundations Mission providing career assistance nationwide.

Among other achievements, Mr. Dunlap received a National Judges College Certificate, an LL.M in International Law from George Washington University, a JD from Case Western Reserve University, and a BA from Baldwin Wallace College.

During his legal career, he was a specialist in international law, working under bilateral treaty provisions and resolving international incidents involving members of the U.S. military in Greece and Italy. He initiated a Pilot Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program in the Department of the Navy and taught ADR at the Army JAG School, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. He also led the legal section development and teaching of multi-disciplinary training programs supporting the Department of the Navy Family Advocacy Program. At the American Prosecutors Research Institute (National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse), Mr. Dunlap was the center senior attorney and training director. He has also acted as an arbitrator and mediator in business and personal disputes.

When coaching teams or individuals, his standards are simple: Evaluate yourself fairly and honestly. Work hard. Take care of yourself, find your balance, and take joy in what you do!

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