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Don Dusenbury

Don brings to Benchmark Training over 30 years of experience in a variety of line, staff, and consulting capacities. Before becoming a consultant, Don was an executive with AT&T, where he worked for 10 years in a number of key management roles in operations, data systems, sales and personnel.

Since 1982, Don has served as a consultant to a number of private and public organizations to identify and resolve human resource issues. His expertise includes career development, needs assessment, teambuilding, problem solving, and implementation of major organizational change initiatives. In the area of training design and delivery he works extensively in the areas of individual development planning, team building, creative problem-solving, change management, and communication with offerings ranging from half-day courses to a multi-track, long-term development programs. A follow-up evaluation of a multi-faceted high-potential identification and development program designed by him as shown significant improvement in sixteen managerial competencies.

Individual development is a major focus area for Don. Over the past two decades he has provided the career planning foundation for a number of long-range development programs. For the federal government, those programs include the Aspiring Leader, New Leader, Executive Leadership, and Executive Potential programs provided by the Leadership Development Academy of the USDA Graduate School. Other agencies that he has assisted with competency analysis and career development include the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Government Accountability Office.

In another engagement, a large utility company, recognizing the need to develop in-house managerial talent due to recent and continuing cutbacks, contracted with Don to design a management assessment program that would provide feedback to managers on their strengths and weaknesses. This information was then used by managers to create individual development plans. Based on the success of this program, it was subsequently expanded to incorporate tailored assessment and development programs for technicians through senior managers. To date, the client has used these workshops to assess hundreds of their key managers.

Don received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from West Point and spent six years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where he held various command positions and several staff jobs in Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia. In addition to his engineering degree, Don has a Masters in Psychology (OD) and a Masters in Business Administration (Management).

In 2000, he was selected for the USDA Graduate School's Faculty of Excellence. A web-based career development guide he developed for DOL was awarded the Secretary's Exceptional Achievement Award in 2001. George Mason University utilizes his expertise on their adjunct professor staff for their Facility Management Program. His work in OD and assessment has been published in nationwide magazines and handbooks.

Don is above all, a real world practitioner concerned with achieving true behavioral change for the mutual benefit of the employee and the employer.

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